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Rental of a hospital bed for traditional homecare Mississauga

A hospital bed rental may be required when a patient is released from the hospital but still requires more acute care. Patients who require this level of care can thus remain comfortably and at home, but the care requirements for home care assistants are made easy by using the hospital bed. Renting a hospital bed Mississauga has a number of built-in features that make providing care more efficient and simple. Some patients with a long-term need for this type of care may be better suited to purchasing a hospital bed for home use, but most patients with short-term needs prefer to rent.

To meet your needs, we provide a choice of hospital and medical bed alternatives. The Semi-Electric Hospital Bed is the most common and cost-effective type of bed available. Using a handheld remote, the user can electronically adjust the head and foot of the bed. The user or caregiver would use a crank placed at the foot of the bed to alter the height of the bed. The Full-Electric Hospital Bed does away with the crank, allowing the user to adjust the bed’s height, as well as the head and foot, electronically.

A more opulent option than a standard hospital bed.

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With the touch of a button, the base may be lifted and lowered vertically (high low bed) The dual king option allows you to sleep next to your loved one.
Ideal bed for persons receiving home healthcare or residing in an assisted living facility.

For home use, this is a fantastic alternative to hospital beds.
Motors that are whisper quiet
There are several comfy mattress alternatives to choose from.
Twin, full, queen and dual king sizes are available.
74, 80, and 84-inch lengths are available.

Optional side half rails (at an extra expense) – available with or without a cover
Casters that lock With the casters removed, the lowest height is 16.5″ with a low-profile mattress.

Standard Height (with casters): 24 inches; can be raised to 31 inches with hand control.

Only available for purchase

Delivery to your home is possible.

When the user requires frequent adjustments to the bed height or the caregiver lacks the upper body strength to utilize the manual crank, a completely electric bed is usually required. A Low Hospital Bed is the next possible option. Low beds are operated in the same way as fully electric hospital beds, with the exception that the low bed can lower the bed to the floor. This feature is required for some individual transfers. Lastly, Bariatric Hospital Beds and medical beds are an available option for individuals weighing over 350 lbs. and are operated the same as a full-electric bed.

In the past, many patients preferred to purchase traditional homecare Hospital beds Mississauga that were either semi-electric or fully electric but today, it’s possible for many patients to afford to buy premium hospital beds. The price of traditional homecare beds has become affordable enough to buy the beds without going through insurance.

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